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#011 EPM – Energy product manufacturing company

Sports energy supplements Exportiamo in Canada
COD: #010-BP-1
Tags: canada, company, Energy, manufacturing, nutrition, product, white label

As nutrition experts, manufacturing company very flexible to customer needs. It collaborates with the best experts in the sector to offer the best possible service, ranging from complete graphic design and marketing, to the procurement of the most qualitative raw materials and the mixing of ingredients.

Even with a private label, already formulated food supplements do not require large quantities of production, have competitive prices and much faster delivery times. Because they are prefabricated, you can order less and still get a perfect product, high quality control and quick packing

Campania (Italy)

Company of production and distribution of energy supplements for athletes.  The Company aims to formulate, produce and market food supplements for daily life and to support sports activities, even on white labels.

The company has chosen to guarantee high quality products: it uses the best raw materials and, in its own laboratory, produces almost all of the products marketed; this ensures maximum control.